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Excellent performance and maximum uptime.

Lock Hosting, a subsidiary of Lock Group International, takes pride in delivering reliable and fast web hosting services, ensuring a secure and optimized environment for your website. Headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, our commitment to excellent performance and maximum uptime positions us as a reliable ally for businesses seeking a seamless online presence.

Secure hosting that safeguards your data.



Reliability and Performance

Our hosting services guarantee optimal performance and maximum uptime.

Security and Data Protection

Robust security measures to safeguard against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Scalable Solutions

Our diverse range of hosting services caters to your specific requirements.

We offer tailored pricing for all businesses.

Affordable prices

500% ROI


Subscriptions for your hosting requirements.

Choose from a variety of subscription packages designed to cater to your specific hosting needs. Whether you are a small business, a growing enterprise, or a large corporation, Lock Hosting offers subscription plans that align with your web hosting requirements.

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Shared, Cloud and VPS Hosting.

Lock Hosting takes pride in delivering top-notch web hosting services, setting the foundation for a secure and high-performance online environment. Our focus is on providing reliable and fast hosting, ensuring your website operates seamlessly with maximum uptime. Trust us to create a secure space for your digital presence.

Create a secure space for your digital presence.

Lasting success

Complete hosting services

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Choose a subscription

Shared Hosting
100 Websites
200 GB NVMe Storage
1.5 GB RAM
2 CPU Cores
Unlimited Free SSL
Unlimited Bandwidth
Daily Backups
Free Email
Free CDN
For small businesses
Cloud Hosting
300 Websites
200 - 300 GB NVMe Storage
3 - 12 GB RAM
2 - 6 CPU Cores
Unlimited Free SSL
Unlimited Bandwidth
Daily Backups
Free Email
Free CDN
For medium businesses
VPS Hosting
1 -8 vCPU Cores
4 - 32 GB RAM
50 - 400 GB NVMe Disk space
4 - 32 TB Bandwidth
1 Snapshot
Weekly Backups
Dedicated IP Address
Full Root Access
Malware Scanner
For big businesses

Quality services

Attractive prices

Software access

Plus Value

Lock Hosting | Europe

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Affordable prices

Reliability and Performance
Security and Data Protection
Scalable Solutions